Unicorn Patches Appliques Unicorn Iron On Transfers for Birthday Girl 5 Pcs Small Cute Decorations Stickers for Canvas Bag, Unicorn Accessories, Baby's Clothing

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Color: Unicorn_4

It is one of the processes of garment printing. It is printed on the clothing through the thermal transfer process, mainly used in T-shirts, cultural shirts, advertising shirts, jackets, jeans, children's wear, plush toys, sportswear and so on.

Instructions for use
For Heat Transfer Machine
1, Setting temperature, heat press machine.
2, Clothes flat on the Ironing board.
3, Put heat transfer, upward patterns.
4, Handes push down firmly for 10 seconds
5, Left handes, Cool down, ripped menbrance pet.
6, The patterns on clothes present.
For Household Irons
TOOL: 1, Ironing Pad 2, Electric irons( Do not steam iron) 3, Separater Paper
1,The ironing Pad on the platform.
2, Tile clothes in the Ironing pad.
3,The pattern on the position you want to paste.
4, Turn Off the steam, temperature at 120-160 degree.
5, 10-15 seconds with a beat.
6, After Cool Down, tear off membrane.
7, If isn't Ironing intact, repeat step 5.
8, congratulations, patterns completion.

Tips: Wash after 24 hours.