Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair - Extra Large Stuff 'n Sit Organization for Kids Toy Storage - Available in a Variety of Sizes and Colors (38", Grey/White Striped)

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Product Description

The original Stuff 'n Sit is a roomy home for your kid's stuffies, pillows, blankets, and dress up costumes. It’s just the thing to take the fight out of clean-up time, while giving your little ones the perfect spot to curl up with a book or tablet. A three-in-one win for the entire family!

All your children’s plush friends will still be right within reach. Just unzip to pull out their favorites!

Three girls sitting on each size Stuff N Sit: Standard, Large, Extra Large

You can reassure your little ones that the stuffies throw their own party in the bag once the zipper is closed, but are always ready to join in new adventures when they come back out to play.

A stress-free approach to encouraging your little helpers to be part of the de-cluttering solution

Mom giving her son a high five after finishing filling the Stuff N Sit with stuffed animals together

Our stylish, fun and functional stuffed animal bean bag chairs bring a playful twist to cleaning up together. Celebrate a job well done and enjoy the feeling that a more organized room is always just one Stuff ‘n Sit away.