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HSWT car headrest pillows is designed for providing passenger comfortable and safe sleeping time in the car, it includes two side pillows and a support role, easy to install. Both side pillows provides soft support for head and neck, prevent head touch the car door window when fall asleep. With our car headrest pillow, you never need worry about your families or friends feel tired in driving journey.

car head pillows
car head pillows

The car headrest provides comfortable neck head support when you fall asleep .

Have you ever experienced these scenes?

You have to suffering from neck and head pain caused by stiff neck after long sleeping time in the car.

Your head is always touch the car door window when fall asleep in a running car.

When you feel tried and have a rest on the steering wheel after long time drive, the feeling is bad, hard to fall asleep.

Get our car seat pillows, freely share your nap time in the car, your travel will more comfortable.

car headrest pillows

180° rotation for a variety of heights, you can freely adjust the angle to get comfortable sleeping posture.

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