Butterfly Craze Girl's Floor Lounger Seats Cover and Pillow Cover Made of Super Soft, Luxurious Premium Plush Fabric - Perfect Reading and Watching TV Cushion - Great for SLEEPOVERS Slumber Parties

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Product Description

How does the Pillow Bed work?

Purchase the bed cover from us and use your own pillows. You will need five pillows for each cover. On the back of each cover there are five pillow pockets, each with its own zipper. Simply stuff each pillow into its own pocket and zip up. Voila, you've just created a pillow bed!

You can use extra pillows from home or purchase the pillows from any retail store that sells pillows (no specific brand or type). We've found Amazon, Target and Walmart offer the best values in pillows.

The covers are available in two different sizes: king and queen. Both sizes require five pillows.

Both sizes (king and queen) are the same length, 88". The queen cover is 26" wide, the king measures 32" wide. We recommend queen-size for kids under eight-years old and king-size for ages eight to adult.

Just slip the pillows out of the cover and wash thecover in the washing machine, cool water on delicate cycle and tumble dry low. Fade resistant so the covers will stay fresh and new-looking longer.

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