Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow, Béetparent Contents Newborn Baby Pillow Head Shaping Pillow Washable and Breathable Cotton for Infants Soft Head Support Pillow for 0-1 Year Old, Blue

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Color: Blue

Please Note: This item was compressed, when you receive it, please open the package and pat it gently to get it back to its original shape.

♥A Must Have Item for Your Baby!♥

Having a baby truly is, the best time of your life. Every parents know that from day one, your baby's comfort is crucial.Ensuring baby sleeps well is essential for his/her daily development.And this Béetparent Contents baby anti flat head pillow is the best choice for new babies.

This Béetparent Contents ULTRA SOFT pillow is a wonderful gift to all newborn babies, it's lightweight, convenient, and portable!Necessary staff for providing baby head and neck support, help baby to sleep better.


Material: Cotton,Polyester.

Gender: Boys & Girls.

Size: 11.4 * 8.64 inch

Net Weight: 120g

Package: 1 x Pillow

♥ It will help prevent your baby from Flat Head syndrome. 

♥ Durable, Breathable, and Machine Washable.

♥ Soft touch and beautiful watercolor printing on double side.

How to Nursing:

1. In order to minimize the product deformation, do not dip it in water for a long time. Please wash it by hand in a cold water lightly.

2. In the event of hand-wash being impossible, please Machine wash it in independent all course placing into the washing net to prevent damage to the fabric. The fabric may be exposed to damage and color transfer, so do not wash it together with dark-colored clothes or other products.

3. Do not dip in water for a long time nor use the whitener. Whitener may cause dye removal, so do not us it.

4. Don’t leave it close to heating device and avoid the ironing at high temperature.

5. Organic fabric may cause a fine shrinkage during washing. Please wash it according to the specified washing method.