Ailsan Lumbar Pillow Cover Woven Cotton Neutral Decorative Throw Pillows,Beige and Black Geometric Pattern Accent Pillow Tassel Case for Home Car Office (Moroccan Beige&Black Geometric,12X20 Inch)

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Color: Moroccan Beige&black Geometric  |  Size: 12X20 Inch

No matter how practical you get when going for pillow cases,the best ones don’t just feel great but sit well in your preferable environment of choice!
Therefore,looking for pillow cases that are aesthetically pleasing and go with your sheets and the rest of the décor is extremely importance as well.Such added aesthetically pleasing factors only add to the overall allure of the pillow cases and give off a very decorative and attractive look.Moreover,the best pillow cases are ones that come with strong dyes that don’t fade over time!
Nordic style is represented by light colors; it brings a comfortable and natural feel to your space and it is famous throughout the world for its simple decoration. Modern people pursue minimalism which is the beauty of simplicity
Home does not have to be gorgeous as simple decor defintely reflects the quality and warmth of a home; this is why the Nordic style is a comfortable yet elegant experience. No fancy decoration, only soothing tones or elements added to some decorative or creative hints you have and a combination that people can enjoy
Package Contains
1x 12x20 Inch pillowcase (not included inside the pillow)